Trivia and fictional logic are fundamental parts of the gaming landscape - it can be fascinating to learn more details on games and how they're made, while we may also fantasise over whether Bowser is really a bad guy. Either is an entertaining way to pass some time.

So we thought we'd share a couple of recent videos that have popped up on our YouTube subscription list, both related to Pokémon. In the first we have the Did You Know Gaming? channel looking at the development history of Pokémon Snap, a cult classic on Nintendo 64 and a popular reference point when current-day fans ask for a sequel. There's information on its origins as a 64DD title and the fact it wasn't even a 'mon game to start with, among other topics.

Second we have the latest creation from our own Alex over on the Nintendo Life channel, in which he considers Pokédex entries literally and explains how some 'mon are technically 'impossible'. There's that fictional logic we were talking about.

That's all of our Pokémon vids for today, enjoy!