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A little while ago we shared the news that a new Puzzle & Dragons title had been confirmed for the 3DS, albeit without a name or details. Well, there's a little more to share now - it's called Puzzle & Dragons X and will arrive in Japan in 2016.

It was confirmed by GungHo Online Entertainment and Nintendo in the latest issue of Famitsu, and unsurprisingly will be similar and include some content from the hugely successful release - in Japan at least - of Puzzle & Dragons Z. There will be more content, of course, in addition to extra 'RPG elements', while over 500 monsters are promised that can be raised and evolved; some abilities and equipment will also match up with monster's capabilities.

There's not much detail beyond that, while it'll be interesting to see whether this one comes to the West. The dual pack of Puzzle & Dragons Z and Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Edition was heavily promoted in North America and Europe, though we're not convinced that paid off with the commercial breakthrough that Nintendo and GungHo Online Entertainment were targeting.

We'll keep an eye on Z, in any case - are you hoping it'll be localised for the West?

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