We'll give you one guess what was number one in the UK charts for last week, just one...

Fallout 4 set the record as the best-selling début of its franchise in the UK, while the focus for Nintendo fans in the country takes us further down the charts. Three of the company's main Holiday releases will be making their début in the next set of results, whereas this week the task was for established games to hang on in the top 40.

For the most part they've achieved that goal, too. Mario Kart 7 stormed up to 14th place last week - presumably off the back of aggressive 2DS bundle discounts - and is still the top-selling Nintendo title at 28th in the all-format charts (a drop of 14th places). Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is just one place further back in 29th following a modest drop.

There are three Wii U titles to be found in the all-format results. First up is Mario Kart 8 in 30th place, with Super Mario Maker in 32nd; both have dropped since last week. Splatoon, though, holds the same position as last week in 37th (all-format).

Unfortunately Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash continues to have a torrid time in the UK, even with that amiibo bundle and the solo game being sold for less at just £25. After a poor début at number 7 in the 3DS chart it's tumbled down to 29th place in the portable's results; to be blunt that points to horrendous sales for the platformer.

So there you have it, a modest and mixed week for Nintendo in the UK.