This update is also live in North America on 12th November.

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We're big fans of Affordable Space Adventures here at Nintendo Life - the Wii U exclusive is a collaboration between KnapNok Games and Nifflas, providing one of the best examples of innovative GamePad usage we've seen on the eShop. The good news for fans or those still on the fence is that an upcoming price promotion will be joined by new free content and a major update.

Due on 12th November in Europe and Australia - and 'soon after' in North America - the price will drop to €15.00 / £13.50 for two weeks (until 26th November). There'll then be a notable update, so much so that it's being branded as a 'remaster' by KnapNok Games - it'll apparently apply "several fixes and updates" to the core game based on feedback over recent months.

Of more interest, perhaps, is all-new content in the form of the free Origin Story content. This is apparently best tackled after the campaign due to the challenge of the puzzles, with this extra to be found within the difficulty selection screen. This will have five new levels overall, with Nicklas Nygren (Nifflas) saying the following in a press release.

We had lots of level ideas that were too difficult to implement as part of the main story. Origin Story is our way of introducing some of these concepts to those who have already finished the game.

We were impressed with Affordable Space Adventures as both a solo or multiplayer game, and those that enjoy interesting uses of the GamePad should certainly consider it; free extra content always makes something that bit more attractive, too.

Some screens of the new content are below. Are you tempted to pick this game up for the first time, or will you be revisiting it for the update and Origin Story? Let us know in the comments.