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Earlier this month it looked like Minecraft was finally coming to Wii U courtesy of a PEGI rating listing, yet that's now disappeared. Quite why the listing has done its vanishing act - or indeed why it appeared in the first place - is a mystery to all but Microsoft and PEGI, we suspect.

While we wait to see whether that release ever sees light of day Nintendo gamers are left with similar titles on the eShop. A notable and decent example on the Wii U is Cypronia's Cube Life: Island Survival, a title we gave a recommendation while highlighting some balancing issues. Cypronia has also been working on a substantial update to version 1.1 - planned changelog here - but it's been slow in coming.

The studio has now confirmed to us that it's in the final stretch of delivering this update, though. Though originally planned for September / October it's now been submitted to Nintendo for approval; a December release is likely. The studio will be sharing this message online for the announcement:

Hello Cube Life friends!

We apologize for all the delays on Cube Life update. Development of an open-world, sandbox game with more than 300 items and tools to craft, including many elaborate maps, and perfect multiplayer gaming with several controllers support is difficult. As we promised, we even have Wii Classic Controller Pro support in there, too!

Believe us, it is not easy... Creating an update of this magnitude is very challenging. Testing alone is a very daunting task--we do not want to release an incomplete product. As you can see, there were some attempts by others to do something similar... UCraft has been delayed for years, and Minecraft for the Wii U seems to be a false rumor.

But we at Cypronia are still alive and hardworking. We thank everyone who is still with us… Your patience is going to pay off. We have included some great new features in Update v1.1: Create and play custom maps for Deathmatch Mode in Multiplayer! We simply cannot wait for you to get your hands on this update--we know it will be worth the wait.

The update for the North American and EU versions have been sent to Nintendo Lotcheck and we are patiently awaiting their approval. We will keep you posted with the release date as soon as we know it. It's coming VERY soon… Get excited!

We'll see in good time whether the update delivers on its promises - will you be geared up to download it and try out the changes?