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While we now know that Minecraft: Story Mode will bring a relatively linear take on the series to Wii U later this year, download-only Indie efforts inspired that that franchise continue to seek attention and to improve their efforts across Wii U and 3DS. One of the more notable arrivals on the home console this year was Cube Life: Island Survival from Cypronia, which combines sandbox gameplay and adventure with its Creative Mode.

The developer has now been in touch to outline details on its upcoming version 1.1 update, which aims to improve and expand what's on offer. It's reflective of fan feedback, we're told, and is currently aiming for a late September release.

The changelog is as follows:

- Local multiplayer (GamePad vs Wii U Pro controller + TV)
- 3 modes for multiplayer (deathmatch, tower defence, coop)
- Wii U Pro Controller support
- Pets
- Fishing
- 100 new items added like swords, doors, furniture, etc
- 1st person / 3rd person / Selfie view
- More animals and enemies
- 56 new maps for the Survival mode
- Weather change
- 20% faster loading time
- faster engine + 10 fps average

- Added Invert Y-axis button
- Arrows do not go through walls
- Bale of Hay – fixed crash
- Added HDR effect ON/OFF button
- Fixed drowning on land issue
- Better tool durability (axes, armor…)
- Hunger and thirsty drop more slowly
- Fixed flood after loading issue
- Animals drop items more frequently
- Increased gravity when you fall
- less aggressive cannibals at the beginning
- Simple split items

- Icons do not change position
- Added explosives
- Added stairs
- Added Flat terrain feature
- Water on/off button

Are you a fan of Cube Life: Island Survival, or tempted to see how the update pans out before jumping in? Let us know.