Super Mario Maker is a wonderful release from Nintendo, giving fans the ability to share incredibly creative levels. Some specialise in producing hugely difficult stages, perhaps none more so than 'Panga'.

In case you need reminding, Panga produced the downright ridiculous P Break level, regarded by many as the toughest level in the game; remember, to upload a level you need to beat it. He's now gone further with his new level - U-Break.

Available at course ID BC5E-0000-00D4-CD7C, this apparently took 11 hours to create and 39 hours to beat - a combined 50 hours of work. Below you can see the moment in Panga's live stream when he finally cleared it so that it could be uploaded; this does have Twitch chat, so there's some bad language.

At the time of writing this level has already been attempted over 5000 times, with no clears.

It's a barmy level, and it'll be interesting to see whether it's ever beaten again.