Nintendo is notoriously protective of its characters and franchises, and never allows them to be used outside of games unless the context is suitable - even using Mario on a mural took a lot of effort. Keeping this in mind, we wonder what the company makes of Little Mac's likeness being used in a campaign poster for French far-right political party Front National.

The poster - which has the pun-tastic slogan "Hit the system with a good right!" - features a boxer who is quite clearly based on the Punch-Out!! star. The character is apparently going to use his pugilistic talents to take on "unemployment, lies, corruption, immigration and insecurity".

Given Front National's rather unsavoury reputation - the party has been compared to the Nazis by some critics - we can't imagine that Nintendo is too pleased about Little Mac's likeness being used in such fashion.

For comparison's sake, here's the poster and below it is the original Little Mac artwork.


Thanks to Jonathan Frahm for the tip.