Diddy Kong has been an oddly controversial character in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS; even for the less-engaged Smash player he's been popping up regularly in arguments about balancing. He was OP, then nerfed, but still irritates some enough that they feel he should be outright banned. Even his cute Nintendo hat can't save him.

Well, Nintendo is always listening - and not in a creepy NSA kind of way - and is having another go at making the hat wearing ape more palatable for players that go beyond basic button mashing. The company's Japanese website has posted an update notification for the upcoming patch to version 1.1.2 on the Wii U (presumably with a 3DS equivalent), and it's all about Diddy.

From what we can gather, this will resolve an issue of Diddy Kong being unable to be grabbed if hit by a multi-hit attack - such as Kirby's jab - whilst shielding, an advantage that can no doubt be filed under 'friendship-destroying'. As with all previous updates, 1.1.2 will wipe all replay data and also include the data for all of the previous updates.

Is this an issue you'll be glad to see resolved, or are you a button basher that never knew it was a problem? Let us know.

[source nintendo.co.jp]