Occasionally amiibo figures are only available within game bundles, either for a limited period or - potentially - as a permanent arrangement. Naturally this doesn't suit everyone, so Nintendo of America is un-bundling one toy for its own release.

On this occasion it's the small green Yarn Yoshi, which has been bundled with copies of Yoshi's Woolly World following its recent release in North America. The blue and pink variations are already available separately, while the Mega Yarn Yoshi will be a Toys "R" Us exclusive from 15th November. It seems that the small green Yoshi will beat the Mega equivalent to stores, and there's no suggestion that it'll be a retailer exclusive.

It's certainly one for collectors to target, and these yarn amiibo are surely among the most desirable in the range.

Are any of you in North America tempted by this, or will you be splashing the case on a Mega Yoshi?