Skull Kid.jpg

Hyrule Warriors Legends will give us portable hack 'n slash action in 2016, and Koei Tecmo is keeping up its momentum of new characters that'll feature in the 3DS version of the popular Wii U original. Recently it showed off characters and stages from The Wind Waker, and now it's revealed additional popular characters.

The new issue of Famitsu confirms that Skull Kid will be playable, which for some will naturally bring to mind his appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. However, it could be the Ocarina of Time version of the character, as the same announcement confirms Phantom Ganon as a new boss; he originally appeared in OoT.

As is always the case Koei Tecmo will likely update its official website with high quality screens and perhaps a trailer once Famitsu's 'reveal' window has closed; we'll be sure to share them with you when they arrive.

Let us know whether you're excited about Skull Kid being playable, and below is the most recent trailer from the Tokyo Game Show.

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