Nintendo and DeNA

As most of you are aware, Nintendo is just on the brink of entering the mobile space with software releases and competing with developers on platforms such as iOS and Android. This is something that many felt was a long time coming and while it does seem like a no-brainer in terms of profits (really, who doesn't want to play Mario on their phone), it seems like there's a lot of expectation around what kind of content Nintendo will be putting out.

The Wall Street Journal recently quoted a few industry analysts that weighed in with their opinions on Nintendo's expansion into mobile. Serkan Toto, a CEO of a Japanese game industry consultancy, believes that this will make or break the company:

If [Mario] fails, it could be game over. If he gets past the next stage, he unlocks a completely new market for Nintendo to conquer.

Atul Goyal, an analyst at Jefferies & Co., believes that the mobile market will become the main focus of Nintendo going forward:

We believe this is now going to be the core of the new Nintendo.

Finally, Amir Anvarzadeh, a leader in a Japanese sales brokerage, believes that this is a desperate move on Nintendo's part. He suggests that circumstances forced the company's hand and that this was not something they necessarily did willingly:

This is a desperate move. It's not a choice they wanted to make.

What do you think? Will Nintendo's mobile expansion be a success? What do you think the company will choose to blaze the trail as the first project? Drop us a comment in the section below.