Bombing Bastards.jpg

When we received a press release for Bombing Bastards coming to the Wii U eShop last year, our instinct was "good luck with that", assuming it'd undergo a name change before release. Nope, none of it, as it then launched on the eShop in July 2014.

It was a further indication, among others, of Nintendo loosening some of its rules and requirements. Yet ironically Sony, a hardware manufacturer with systems hosting more mature games than we've had hot dinners, got a little iffy over the name. In a press release confirming the title will arrive on PS4 next week, Sanuk Games highlighted that the name had been changed to Bomber Busters "on request from Sony".

It's an intriguing bit of trivia, in any case, as an example where Nintendo was actually more relaxed about such things than its rivals; as the saga with Binding of Isaac showed in past years, that hasn't always been the case.

As for Bombing Bastards on Wii U, we gave it a modest recommendation in our review.