ThinkGeek is one of the better known online retailers that specialises in collectibles and geek-gear, which often has plenty of Nintendo and retro-themed goodies up for sale. It's not exactly unique in the market, of course, but it did take a major step ahead of rivals when it was acquired by GameStop earlier this Summer; the deal valued the website's parent company at around $140 million.

At the time there was talk of this leading to the retailer's stock becoming more available in GameStop stores, but it's gone further than that - there'll be a ThinkGeek 'concept retail store' opening in the Florida Mall in Orlando on 25th September. It'll be the company's first physical retail store.

ThinkGeek President Katy McCarthy issued the following PR-friendly words with the announcement.

The opening of our first brick and mortar store is a significant milestone for the brand and a great example of how the GameStop acquisition is a win for our customers. While people know us today as an online retailer, the GameStop connection will bring vastly more visibility to the brand and our ever expanding selection of exclusive products.

It'll be interesting to see whether this will ultimately succeed and, as a result, if more stores will then roll out around the US. It may be worth a visit for Nintendo fans in the area, nevertheless, with the big N earning a mention as a prominent brand alongside the likes of Star Wars and Minecraft within the announcement.