Sad Runbow

Runbow is finally out in both North America and Europe. But did you know that to Runbow properly you need to follow a series of steps? It is scientifically proven by a group of proven scientists that running is more difficult than walking. Write that down as a fact!

Luckily for you we have come up with the perfect guide; no no, sorry… We have come up with the ULTIMATE Guide To Runbow Properly. We've even done nine tips to match the fact this game has 9-player multiplayer, because we're witty like that.

If you follow our steps you'll become the very best at Runbow (maybe).

Having framerate issues?

Many runners have complained that Runbow has issues with the framerate, to the point that the game is rendered unplayable. It turns out the source of this problem is the drive where the game is installed. The guys at 13AM Games have already said on numerous occasions that the easiest temporary fix (they're working on it!) is to install the game into the Wii U internal drive.

Colours Looking Funny? Adjust Your TV!

This is a Public Service Announcement: Don't ruin your eyes, fix your TV settings. Runbow is fuelled by the colours of the rainbow. If for some reason your perception of reality is botched, please adjust your TV set accordingly.

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 16.19.13.png

To do so, head over to the options menu and hit colour test. An image with a group of colours will pop up on your Wii U GamePad, this place is also known as the VAL-HUE room. Next, proceed to the settings menu of your favourite TV set and twist the knobs until it resembles the true vision of reality - this process is called calibration.

Done? Then you're set to enjoy Runbow the way the creators up there (in Canada) intended.

All levels have a set pattern for the fastest run

At first glance it may not look like it, but every single level in Runbow *ahem* runs in cycles. Sometimes the loop is easy to mambo, and sometimes they're a bit more difficult to tango to their rhythm.

Perseverance and observation, my polychromatic friend. These are the two skills you need to become the champion of the broken light!


But don't think you can waltz your way in, no matter how skilled you are at Mega Man or Mario, Runbow will punish your lack of patience. As Kesuke Miyagi would say to Daniel-San, "Patience, young grasshopper".

Runbow may feel unfair sometimes, esspecially towards later levels. The truth is, the game isn't unfair, you're just not thinking straight. Try changing your strategy if you keep dying in the same section of a level, whether you're tackling the Bowhemoth or Adventure mode. The answer might be right under your nose.

Even though Runbow is a 9-player multiplayer game, you don't need to fill the room to have fun.

Sometimes less is more. Don't misinterpret this message, Runbow is excellent when played against 8 other players especially when they are in the same room, but we understand that gathering that amount of players is not an easy task. Some modes are pretty awesome with fewer players and there's the chance you might come up with new ways to Runbow.

Try to come up with some custom game modes!

Check the options when playing Runbow with friends (local or online), specifically the item switch options. You might find that playing Run Mode with Swappers Only will spice up the game in interesting ways. Maybe playing King of the Hill with the Mimicry power up or the Camera Flip is your kind of thing.

Experiment with the options and you'll see there's plenty of Runbow for everyone.

Is the Bowhemoth causing you indigestion?

Heed the advice of the skull that pops up every time you die. For those of you who don't know, those messages are not pre-recorded. Well they actually are, but the delivery is not preset. The skull who delivers these droplets of advice and sarcasm is a sentient being channelling the spirit of every runner who has perished inside the belly of the beast.


It's a fact that the Bowhemoth is the most difficult challenge in Runbow. The game says it at the loading screen. What some people may not realize is that some of the rooms inside the Bowhemoth are heavily inspired by some of the Adventure mode levels.

Practice and you'll become a Bowbarian in no time.

Have You Tried Beating The Bowhemoth In Less Than 10 Deaths or 20 Minutes?

Because there's no reward for doing so, don't believe the rumours nor what the character menu says. You won't unlock a new costume, esspecially not the Huenicorn. It's scientifically proven that unicorns do not exist, the chimera of mixing a human and an unicorn is out of the question.

Do not attempt to complete this feat, you have been warned.

Remember To Always Have Fun

The guys at 13AM Games understand that everyone loves having fun, but not everyone has fun in the same way. Facing this predicament, they concocted a machine to deliver fun in every spectre colour of the light passing through a prism.


The result is this game we call Runbow, but even when this machine of chromatic proportions was finished, the creators were not happy with it, and they felt it was lacking something. Enter the Fun leveller: a setting under the Options menu that lets the player adjust the fun level to their liking.

This setting is a reminder that you should always have fun when playing Runbow, be it with friends or solo. Have you tried the Kawaii setting? Apparently it makes everything look cuter.

And last but not least… Have you checked the in-game manual?

In this day and age, we tend to forget that games still come with a manual. The difference is that they are no longer physical, instead the manual can be accessed by pressing the Home Screen button. Packed with nifty tips and strategies, this digital manual will help make your Runbow experience a pleasant one.

Happy Runbow