Furthering the sudden wave of information Nintendo has confirmed release dates for various amiibo figures across multiple regions. We've compiled all the dates below as there's quite a lot of variation between regions, but we're omitting any releases that have been announced previously.

North America

  • Mii Fighters 3-pack - 1st November
  • Mewtwo - 13th November
  • Mega Yarn Yoshi - 15th November
  • Falco - 20th November


  • Mii Brawler - 25th September
  • Mii Sword Fighter - 25th September
  • Mii Gunner - 25th September
  • Duck Hunt Duo - 25th September
  • R.O.B. - 25th September
  • Mr. Game & Watch - 25th September
  • Mewtwo - 23rd October
  • Falco - 20th November
  • Mega Yarn Yoshi - 27th November

We're glad to see more dates for these arguably addictive figurines that have so gutted our wallets. The simultaneous release of the Falco amiibo and Star Fox Zero does suggest that the figure will have some sort of connectivity with McCloud's newest adventure, but what that could be is beyond even our powers of clairvoyance.

Which one (or more) of these will be taking up valuable shelf space in the near future? Lets us know in the usual place.