As per the reminder we gave at the weekend, Summer Games Done Quick is currently providing round-the-clock entertainment with speedruns and competitions, covering classic games both old and relatively new. At the time of writing it's already raised over a quarter of a million dollars for the Doctors Without Borders charity; that's with much of the week still to come, too.

It's a fantastic event, and we've been looking through the runs uploaded to the YouTube channel and found some great Nintendo-related runs already. A favourite so far is the run below of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, which somewhat gloriously manipulates the infamous pause menu glitch. Truly a homage to the flaws of the Wii U title; appropriately considering the source game there are some audio issues at the start, but it gets better and is well worth a watch.

That's just one example, so we recommend checking out the YouTube channel link above. Even better, you can watch the event live on the official website, which is hosting chat and has that all-important donate button.

Have you been enjoying Summer Games Done Quick so far?