Pokkén Tournament is a luxury that many of us can't hope to enjoy at present. The Bandai Namco-developed fighting game is still only confirmed as an arcade release in Japan, leaving us to gaze on with envy.

It now has a release date, too, with the flashy new trailer confirming its arrival in the country on 16th July.

Two character reveal trailers have also been released today, for Charizard and Weavile.

We're still holding very slight dreams of a console port - potentially for Wii U or even NX - close to our hearts. The decent but by-no-means-revolutionary visuals certainly aren't anything to put off Nintendo's system, and the fact that the arcade cabinet looks like a small TV rigged up to a bespoke controller makes us wonder all the more. Well over a year ago related trademarks were filed in Europe, too, though they could have just been to support some cabinets that'll arrive in the limited number of arcades still found in the West.

We're not giving up on it yet, anyway.