As was promised in teases last week, Keiji Inafune and his Comcept team have launched Kickstarter campaigns for new projects, both a game and animation.

RED Ash: The Indelible Legend is a sci-fi adventure with the aim of "immersing players in a freely explorable anime world." The game project is launching following the completion of key work on Mighty No. 9, though it's also a fresh development team that's recruited those with history in the Mega Man Legends franchise. The campaign's off to a strong start, having raised around $240,000 (at the time of writing) of its $800,000 goal, with 28 days remaining.

There's also an accompanying animation project with its own campaign, in that case being led by STUDIO4℃ All-Stars; with 28 days to go it's raised around $56,000 of its $150,000 target.

Back to Comcept's game project, its early momentum is well below the funding frenzy that accompanied Mighty No. 9. This could be down to multiple factors, such as its slightly more niche genre, while like the Mighty No. 9 the campaign it's launched with only conceptual images and simple animations to show - it's set to release in July 2017.

In addition, the core funding is only for a sizeable segment of the story, with stretch goals adding more chapters. At present it's only listed for PC and Mac, as a result, with no stretch goals for consoles. Disappointingly for Nintendo fans, at present the Wii U clearly isn't a priority for the development team.

Although we understand the desire to have the game reach as many platforms as possible, we want to first focus on making as good of game as we can. We will never rule porting out of the equation, but for this Kickstarter campaign we want to first focus on making the content of the game the best quality possible. As this is a story-heavy game concept, we are prioritizing stretch goals that add content to the main game.

...With RED ASH, we are aiming for graphic fidelity suitable for a PS4 and/or Xbox One release. Porting to those consoles has always been a part of the original vision for the game, but at the moment we do not have the resources or support to make it happen on our own.

Of course, nothing is ruled out, and we may be talking about the Nintendo NX by 2017, in any case.

You can see the pitch video below - do you want to see this on consoles in two year's time?