Rocking, man!

Keiji Inafune is the man who created Mega Man, and for that reason alone people tend to sit up and take notice when he teases a new project.

He's attending the LA Anime Expo and has hinted at a special announcement that - in his own words - "may interest Mega Man fans." Turns out that announcement is Red Ash, a new title being produced by Inafune's Comcept alongside animation house Studio 4°C.

There's little more than a trailer and some concept art at the moment, but Red Ash clearly seems to be aiming for that Mega Man Legends vibe. Even the title is a cheeky reference to the series that Inafune created. Mega Man Legends is called Rockman Dash in Japan. Red Ash = ReDash.

The name Mega Man Legends will open up a sore wound for Nintendo fans in particular - the third Legends game was supposed to come out on the 3DS, but was cancelled by Capcom. In June this year, Inafune said that he would be prepared to work on the title again, but perhaps he's now doing the next best thing by making a spiritual successor?

There's no word on what formats this title is coming to - or even if it's a video game at all, in fact - but we'll keep you updated.