We've now finished the final full day of Nintendo Treehouse coverage, which provided some useful insights into the company's biggest games from the show. Super Mario Maker naturally featured prominently, and we learned some particularly welcome details around the amiibo-enabled Mystery Suits in the game.

For those unaware, scanning an amiibo unlocks a cute recreation of that character in the game, with an 8-Bit Wii Fit Trainer featuring prominently during E3. As you can see below, it looks like Nintendo is preparing at least 90 slots, which would support a significant portion of the current and upcoming amiibo figures, and perhaps some cards.

Mario Maker Amiibo

Thankfully Nintendo appears to be accommodating those that can't collect all amiibo - which is most of us - by ensuring that if you play a user-created level that utilised a particular Mystery Suit, you then have access to that Suit in your game. Unlocking all of these neat extra characters will be a combination of amiibo scanning and simply trying out a lot of levels.

Are you excited about these Mystery Suits, and the fact that you won't need all of the amiibo to unlock them?