Miiverse, Nintendo's bespoke social network, has been one of the company's most notable moves in this generation. Social networks are old hat now, of course, but with immediate access from games, screenshot sharing and the option to doodle drawings, it's proved a relatively popular app.

As it's web based it's also been updated regularly, with many tweaks that have improved the platform and others that have been less popular. The latest update has now outlined how moderation and suspensions will be tougher - if one user picks up a ban on a Wii U, in particular, every account on the system will be denied access.

It's not been particularly well received in some of the comments reacting to the update, with some complaining of over-zealous moderators or flawed thinking. Some examples are below.

You had the chance to make Miiverse a better site, but instead, you decided not to.

Have you thought about the families who share a Wii U and use Miiverse, each one with their own account, like other people said here?

Nintendo, have you?

And do you actually review the content of the reported posts before you delete them?

I doubt it, I really doubt it.

Are you serious? Admins constantly abuse their power and ban people they don't like. False bans from Miiverse are common. Creating another account allows us to get around that. This update is BY FAR the WORST update to EVER hit miiverse.


Let us know where you stand on this Miiverse change - but do so nicely. You don't want Miiverse mods getting word of your dissent...