We know what you're all thinking - "Man, I wish my Dad would stop recreating the taunts of my favourite Smash Bros. characters, it's getting a bit stale now..." Well, there's at least one crazy parent out there who's been absolutely nailing the performance, and it makes for a hilarious start to the weekend.

Yes, believe what you are reading. Somehow Nick Luciano was able to talk his Dad into taunting his way through the entire Smash Bros. roster, and it's an impressive feat given the fact that there are over 50 playable characters, including different Mii fighter types. Not only that, but there are three taunts a piece as well. We're getting tired just thinking about it!

Seeing Papa Luciano impersonate the likes of Mario and Link is one thing, but with such a diverse cast, some particular performances are a real highlight. Get ready for Wario-style booty shaking and some mean robotic moves for ROB.

He only stops once or twice, to check how many more are left, and who on earth Duck Hunt Dog is, so we have to applaud him for sticking it through to the end. Check out the video below, and leave a comment to let us know who your favourite was!