Here's some delightful nonsense to kick the week off - or annoying nonsense depending on your perspective - that comes straight out of Japan. While we may consider Nintendo's licensing efforts in the West to be in need of improvement, there's no end of quirky big N products in the company's homeland.

So we present, below, Mario and Luigi Fit's gum - thanks Tiny Cartridge - which even dabbles (controversially) in canon. Product descriptions on import site suggest that the Ginger Ale(?!) Mario gum could be "perhaps the official taste of an Invincible Star if it was edible", while the Melon Soda Luigi gum could be the flavour of a one-up. It gives a whole different perspective on what the Mario Bros. are experiencing as they run and jump through the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario and Luigi Gum

We thought this was perhaps too frivolous even for the weirdness tag, but then found the videos for this particular gum. Below are a number of trailers for the standard Fit's gum, in which customers are so blown away by the flavour that they break into spontaneous dance.

We reckon we'd do a little jig for some ginger ale gum, to be fair.