For those of you that may have forgotten about it, Teslagrad is a sublime metroidvania adventure that was released early last fall. It follows the story of a young boy as he explores a decrepit castle and slowly unravels the mystery behind the conflict that led to the downfall of the castle's occupants. Presented in a charming steampunk style and filled to bursting with secrets, puzzles, and challenging platforming, this game hit all the right notes and we gave it a very hearty recommendation.

Now, an update has gone live that fixed a few of the flaws that were once present in this otherwise perfect game. Announced recently on Miiverse by a Rain Games designer by the name of Olli, this update will add screenshot support, shorten loading times, add the option to use the Wii U Pro Controller or Classic Controller Pro, minor control enhancements, and fix various bugs. It may have come about three months later than Europe, but better late than never. Here's the full post, for those interested:

What did you think of Teslagrad? What would you like to see out of its sequel? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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