Rymd Resa

Occasionally the Wii U eShop attracts small developers not just for its increasingly solid support for 'Nindies', but due to the hardware's flexible control options - by which we really mean the GamePad. Titles developed with PC and/or smart device controls in mind can be supported in unique ways with the GamePad, as it offers physical controls, a touch screen and dual-screen gaming options.

RymdResa from developer Morgondag is perhaps one such example, and seems like an intriguing concept. You explore a procedurally-generated and infinite universe to seek out resources for your ship and home planet, while also trying to survive against aggressive forces. It's going for a 'poetic' and artistic approach, too, featuring some handsome pixel-based visuals.

Currently in beta on PC it's been causing a bit of a stir in that scene, and the Wii U eShop (along with iPad) version will inevitably wait until that launch is complete. Though that may take a while, we're certainly intrigued by the features trailer below.

We'll file this as one to watch - are you intrigued?

[source siliconera.com]