Yoshi's Woolly World Yarn amiibo

We've seen lots of delightful amiibo over the past few months from the Super Smash Bros. and Mario Party ranges, however it's the yarn Yoshi amiibo figurines which tie in with the release of Yoshi's Woolly World on Wii U which really seem to be exciting collectors at the moment. They're amiibo made of wool and ridiculously cute.

Of course, as ever with desirable amiibo, the race will be to preorder from a reputable online merchant - or even a bricks and mortar retailer if that's how you roll. Last week, UK-based e-tailers GAME and Shopto unveiled their woolly Yoshi amiibo pre-orders, which naturally sold out faster than hotcakes on National Hotcake Day.

Many UK residents get a warm, fuzzy glow from ordering from the trusted official Nintendo UK Store, so it's our pleasure to tell you that these soon to be very rare amiibo are now available for pre-order there:

  • Game + green Yoshi amiibo special pack - £49.99
  • Game + green Yoshi amiibo separate packaging - £53.99
  • Game + pink Yoshi amiibo separate packaging - £53.99
  • Game + blue Yoshi amiibo separate packaging - £53.99
  • Game + all three Yoshi amiibo - £76.99
  • Game + Green Yoshi + 8GB Super Smash Bros. Wii U system bundle - £219.99

These amiibo are a little pricier than the standard toys, but that's not surprising considering the material and design; the Nintendo UK store is bundling them all rather than offering any options for individual toys, it should be noted.

You'd better slap in that pre-order fast as stock is sure to be in incredibly short supply. Are you tempted by any of these pre-order options?

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