Get that salt ready, Super Smash Bros. fans, we have rumours that are claimed to be based on the latest source files buried in the latest game update. Got some salt? Good, let's begin.

A poster over on Reddit, who claims to be part of the 3DS modding scene, has apparently been digging around in source files following the latest update that kicked in today, triggering the availability of the game's DLC. Sound files have been interpreted as clues for two future additions. One file is a Victory sound for Roy from the Fire Emblem series, prompting speculation he'll be included as a new fighter in the future.

Secondly, and most surprising - or suspicious - is a sound file that includes the Ryu music from Street Fighter II, the iconic series of games that partly made their name on the SNES. The track appears to point to a stage, while the poster claims the playable fighter is also suggested in the files. In fairness to the hacker involved, they're being pretty open about their process (which is a naughty process) in the Reddit thread, and acknowledging these could be leftover files for content that's been ditched. Some have also pointed out that Nintendo's accidentally left data hanging around before, such as Hoopa in Pokémon X & Y.

Is it possible? In theory yes, as Mega Man shows Capcom's co-operation in the past, plus we had Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition as a launch title on the 3DS. Is it likely? We're very sceptical, but it's not impossible.

With all that salt to hand, what do you reckon. Would you welcome Ryu and Roy as future characters?

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