Majora's Mask Light

In this latest entry of 'the internet does the strangest things', we have the entrepreneurial activities around the Club Nintendo Majora's Mask Light, pictured above. Listed earlier today on Club Nintendo in PAL territories, the cool but rather modest light - measuring just 12cm by 12cm - is already popping up on that ever-present auction site - eBay.

It's an interesting example, as while numbers on the marketplace are still modest - no doubt partly due to most PAL gamers having sadly burnt through their Stars before this neat ornament was added - there are some hefty prices being set. This listing has had 23 bids (at the time of writing) and has passed £100, while other listings have set 'buy it now' prices of between £100 and £150. Now, this light is neat, but it's not worth that in a typical sense - nostalgia plays its part though, naturally.

As the numbers are low and stock is still available - again, we salute anyone that has a spare 6000 Stars still sitting around in Europe - this is less a case of scalpers depriving fans, but rather provides an interesting pointer to just how popular this kind of merchandise can potentially be. As a thought it certainly makes us think that Nintendo could really do with selling a lot more of these products.

The big N does do this to an extent through various retailers around the world, in the UK the official store's 'Cool Stuff' category is full of assorted bits and bobs, and worldwide there are often decent pre-order pack-ins that are charming. This Majora's Mask light is a little further proof, though, that Nintendo can probably sell a lot more merchandise to its fans if it delivers the stock and availability to draw us in.

As for these eBay listings, perhaps they're over-valuing these cute little lights a smidge.

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