Sound story

Back in the 16-bit era Interactive media artist Toshio Iwai designed a SNES music composition tool that was to be released along with the SNES mouse in a bundle package, just like Mario Paint. There was even a US trademark filled for the game's western release under the name Sound Factory. Sadly, it never got released and has faded away from our 16-bit realities ever since.

Until now, that is. A prototype cartridge showed up on eBay some time ago and the ROM was duly dumped. KiroBomber made it publicly available today - as you can see from the video below.

We can but speculate that perhaps the nature of such a unique concept and the fact that in the '90s there probably wouldn't be any sort of public to buy this made Nintendo scrap the whole project, but we have to admit we've been mesmerized by the whole experience. It's rather soothing. Whatever your opinion, this is another title that was lost to the general public but is now forever preserved for future generations.

Toshio Iwai would return with a vengeance to Nintendo platforms in a time where the public was far more receptive to such delightful sound toys. He was responsible for the rather unique 2005 DS title Electroplankton.