Cruel fate!

Nintendo has opened up voting to see which characters its fans want to see in Super Smash Bros., and this has predictably led to some rather outlandish recommendations.

UK studio Playtonic - made up of former Rare developers - has thrown its hat into the ring by suggesting fans should vote for King K. Rool to appear in the popular fighting series. K. Rool is an antagonist from the Donkey Kong Country series, which was developed by Rare when it was under Nintendo's wing.

Given that Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are already part of the roster (the latter of which is a character created by Rare but owned by Nintendo, like the rest of the DK universe), this isn't actually that strange a request. Should K. Rool got enough votes, there should be a decent chance of him making the cut.

Would you like to see Kong's nemesis feature in a future DLC update, or are you more of a Funky Kong fan? Sound off in the comments below.

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