Zombies tend not to appreciate the personal space a good riot shield provides

Open worlds are great and all, but you gotta make sure to clean them out once in a while. These things will just start crawling with zombies if you're not careful.

Austraila-based developer Dark Day Interactive has announced Once Bitten, Twice Dead, a horror survival title set in a fallen world of undead "munchers." According to Dark Day, players can set out on their blocky selves or team up with others to explore the landscape. They will be free to commandeer vehicles, harvest materials, craft, cook, and inevitably destroy each other for fun. Or maybe not, as there will be competitive arenas and death match modes for that sort of tom-foolery, as well as a mode where you can play as the infected.

Once Bitten, Twice Dead is currently planned for release on the Wii U and PC. Are you interested in this style of survival? Let us know!