Pokémon is coming back, of course, but it may not just be in the way we all expect. While we eagerly await the announcement of the next mainline game in the monster catching series, a new Pokémon Rumble game may serve to whet the appetites of Pokémon trainers everywhere.

A web domain for Pokémon Rumble World has been filed, which could point to another entry in the brawling series. The last entry in the spinoff brand was Pokémon Rumble U in 2013.

Pokémon Rumble sees players taking control of various Pokémon and engaging in real-time melee combat with other pocket monsters. The Wii U entry also took advantage of the NFC functionality on the Wii U Gamepad to allow for Pokémon customization.

This is not the only Pokémon spinoff currently announced. Last year Pokken Tournament – a Pokémon fighting game from the developers of Tekken – was announced for Japanese arcades, and has been undergoing play tests this year. This could signal the announcement of even more spinoff titles, or the revival of old titles such as Pokemon: Ranger, or Mystery Dungeon.

With the website registered it's possible that we'll see a reveal soon. Are you a fan of the series? What other kind of Pokémon spinoff would you like to see?