Very tempting

It's been relatively under the radar, but Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker, arguably one of the most long winded names of any game to be released in North America in recent memory, is due for a release on the Nintendo 3DS rather soon. Initially pinned down for quarter one this year, the anticipated RPG has been pushed back a bit for a 5th May release. In an effort to build up hype, Atlus has released all of the details for what gamers lucky enough to receive first print copies will receive with their game.

In a recent press release, Atlus confirmed that the collectable edition will be coming with decals of several main characters as well as logos for Nicaea and JP's. This is in addition to the CD that will contain various tracks from the game. Considering that this is included with an enhanced remake of a DS game that effectively doubles the content of the original, this just may be worth picking up when it launches.

Naturally, we'll share our thoughts in a review when this game hits stores in May. Will you be tempted to pick up a first run physical copy? Share your thoughts in the comments below.