A series of videos have recently provided comparisons of visuals to show off the New Nintendo 3DS, but only one test of its visual capabilities is truly indicative of what it can do. A handy video showcases the New 3DS-exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles 3D in all of its glory, comparing its graphics to that of the original Wii version of the title.

Some may argue that the Wii's version still holds its own - being superior in terms of sharpness - but we see decent power on show for Nintendo's latest member of the handheld family, smoothly handling such a huge game that has lots going on in its confines. Footage is drawn from a mix of cutscenes in the most recent trailer, admittedly, so it's primarily a test of textures and graphical detail; in fairness, the most recent in-game footage (not included in the direct comparison below) did show reasonable performance in gameplay, too.

What are your thoughts? Are you impressed by the handheld port of Xenoblade Chronicles, or was your Wii version play-through satisfactory enough (assuming you've played it, of course)?

[source nintendoworldreport.com]