* Or not, depending

If you love amiibo, then odds are good you have been hurt by amiibo - or the lack thereof. Those odds seem even higher if you live in North America, where you're lucky to have even laid eyes on certain figures in the wild, let alone purchase them. Some are speculating that a port strike on the west coast of the United States is stagnating delivery routes, but there's no official word that this is the case. Pre-ordering your amiibo early can help, but not in all cases. Sometimes your order is canceled, and other times, if a reported internal memo from GameStop is true, you're going to be waiting quite some time.

The memo, which has appeared on Reddit and has reportedly been verified by Destructoid's Chris Carter, lays out expectations for Wave 3 amiibo, most notably Ike and King Dedede. According to what it states, you will have to have pre-ordered one of these figures quite early if you want to see it soon:

  • Customers who pre-ordered Ike through 26 December 2014 should be seeing their orders come in around 25 February. Those who pre-ordered after this date will likely need to wait for a second wave of order fulfillment later in spring. Due to Ike's popularity, a limit of one has now been placed on pre-orders. If you reserved more than one, the extra amount will be refunded or rolled over into another item.
  • Customers who pre-ordered King Dedede through 20 December 2014 should expect to get him around 25 February as well. Those who placed their reservations in afterward may not see hide nor hammer of him until summer.

If you pre-ordered Mega Man or Sonic, there at least seems to be a silver lining: orders for these figures are expected to be completely fulfilled in one wave by 25 February.

Have you pre-ordered the Ike or King Dedede from GameStop and been informed of a delay? Let us know below.

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