Looks great

While European gamers are still left in the dark as to exactly when it'll launch, North Americans will be enjoying Kirby and the Rainbow Curse in the coming week. In the latest issue of Nintendo Dream - a Japanese gaming magazine - an interview was conducted with several developers working on Kirby's Wii U début to coincide with its release. What followed was an interesting view into the thinking behind several choices that were made in the game's development.

To start, they revealed why they chose to go with the rather unconventional, Kirby: Canvas Curse route as opposed to the usual Kirby formula.

When we saw the Wii U GamePad for the first time, we thought it could be interesting to use the different roles of the GamePad and TV in multiplayer. From there on, we came up with an idea of using the Wii Remote to control Waddle Dee and the GamePad to draw footholds. And the system of Kirby Canvas Curse fit that, so we used it. The result, after applying everyone's voice, was a very lively game.

The developers then went on to discuss why the claymation art style was adapted - the concept stemmed from a desire to make the painted style of Kirby Canvas Curse more three dimensional. The extremely authentic look of the clay was the result of the developers paying special attention to the construction of models, going so far as to model parts that would be completely invisible in normal gameplay, and from the frame rate being downgraded to give it that stop motion appearance.

The interviewers asked why Waddle Dees were chosen as the multiplayer characters instead of characters such as Meta Knight or King Dedede, and the developers had this to say:

The people who join multiplayer have one responsibility, and that is to protect Kirby. To me, I thought only one character really suited that responsibility, and that was Waddle Dee. He can catch Kirby, he can fight with a spear, and he's a lovable and humorous character that I think is unique and attractive for the game.

We're rather looking forward to this next week and a review will be posted promptly, so watch this space. What do you think of this game? Are you glad Nintendo branched out creatively for Kirby's HD debut?

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