Super Mario Amiibo

When it comes to product launches, amiibo is full of contradictions. Millions of units - about 5.7 million - have been sold: that's great. Fans have been frustrated by low stock, especially of particular highly sought after toys: that's bad. They've been a success as fans can't buy enough, yet Nintendo's struggled to get the most wanted figures into stores.

While stock issues with the current and upcoming Super Smash Bros. waves are ongoing, it'll be interesting to see whether the Super Mario range will have the same impact; they'll be marketed and released alongside Mario Party 10 on 20th March. Despite pre-orders previously opening and selling out within minutes, we can apparently expect plenty of this range to be available in stores - in North America, at least.

Destructoid has spoken to one of its trusted sources within GameStop and been told that Nintendo was "confused" by the mad rush for pre-order stock of the new range - we can only imagine the big N hasn't been following its own trends closely enough. That said, it's suggested that retailers will have stock in "abundance" for the Super Mario toys, and while Toad will have the "lightest allocation" he won't be considered as "rare"; that would suggest he won't be as hard to find as Rosalina, for example.

That's some positive progress, assuming that this all transpires to match up with the reality when these toys launch. We're doubtful that - aside from Toad - these Super Mario toys will be as heavily in demand as their Smash Bros. predecessors, simply due to the fact that we've had these characters before. Nevertheless, we hope that stock will be plentiful.

Are you planning to pick up some Super Mario amiibo, and if so which ones?