Last year we shared videos of some fun minigames that fans of Super Smash Bros. were creating with the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS releases. On the home console version we showed you Smashketball, which utilises the stage builder to establish boundaries of cannons and lave - if you hit an opponent into the right barrel they're fired to their doom.

A less strenuous game to setup is Smash Potato, which works in either version of the game; each playing as a Villager, you attempt to pass a tree back and forth without losing your timing. A relatively recent video takes that basic idea and twists it again, with Falcon Potato. With one Captain Falcon, two Marios, timers only in items and a boosted launch rate, those playing as Mario activate a timer and then bat a slow-mo Falcon Punch back and forth with capes. The loser gets splattered off the screen by the resultant punch, making it the most deadly iteration of pass the parcel in gaming. Possibly.

It's a fun game that's easy to setup - check it out below and let us know whether you're planning to give it a whirl.