Super Bowl XLIX is everywhere right now, as the US and a global audience ramps up for the showdown between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots. Improbably muscle-bound men wearing lots of gear will pummel each other over the course of many hours, and hundreds of millions will watch.

There's a lot of coverage for the match, and we couldn't help be amused by an interactive graphic drawn up by The Guardian - it's focused on Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch. He has the nickname 'Beast Mode' thanks to his ability to make a lot of yards after breaking a tackle, so the newspaper's website produced a charming graphic to demonstrate Lynch and his opposite number's stats for running yards - Mega Man has never looked quite so well kitted out.

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What would this suit be called? Running Man? Football Man? Gridiron Man? Who knows, but you should certainly head over to the source link above or below to see the brief animation in action.

The world may be crazy for the Super Bowl right now, but you can't keep a classic retro gaming sprite down. Insert your own jokes along the lines of 'NFL cares about Mega Man more than Capcom' below.