A topic that's been posed to us with regards to the New Nintendo 3DS is how well the battery actually performs. Nintendo's official specifications show each model - standard and XL - as out-performing their predecessors by around 30-60 minutes, depending on activity. In practice we find that there is an improvement, but that it's not necessarily a game-changer.

Our colleagues over at Family Gamer TV have taken the opportunity to put the new battery to the test, pitting the smaller New Nintendo 3DS up against an original XL, a standard original and a 2DS. Though there's no New Nintendo 3DS XL in this video, we can expect a more full-on and comprehensive test when the systems launch.

It's a useful test, however, included with some impressions. The smaller New model actually squeaks past the old XL, with the 2DS winning overall. The test was conducted with the eShop running, brightness on full, power-saving off and 3D on - this naturally gives the 2D-only model an advantage.

Check it out below, while those of you in Europe keen on face plates may like the channel's video on that very subject, too.