Social butterfly?

Everyone is on Twitter these days -- even Her Majesty the Queen of England -- but Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country Returns creator Retro Studios has only just jumped on the social media bandwagon.

The company kicked off its Twitter adventure recently, and with its first tweet it has -- perhaps inadvertently --kicked off a flood of speculation.

Now, it's fair to say that the opening tweet was nothing more than a cute way of saying "Hey guys, we're on Twitter!", but as is often the case in the world of Nintendo fandom, the wording -- or should we say "word" -- has gotten chins wagging.

We're going to ask the question that you're all thinking: could Retro be working on a new Luigi's Mansion game?

Another tweet seemed to add more fuel to the fire:

We'll leave you to decide if there's any substance in this rumour whatsoever -- we're inclined to think that it's possible to look too deeply into things. But what do you think? Has Retro's first tweet revealed its next project? Share your thoughts and predictions by posting a comment below.