During today's Nintendo Direct broadcasts the big N confirmed what was already suspected - the New Nintendo 3DS will launch in Europe and North America on 13th February.

There are some key differences in hardware, however. Europe will, as expected, have the same range as Japan and Australia - white and black smaller models, along with the metallic blue and metallic black XL models. 12 Kisekae cover plates will be available for the smaller model in Europe at launch.

The story is different in North America, however, where only the New Nintendo 3DS XL was confirmed. It'll come in Red and Black variations, with no smaller models coming to the region as yet. These XL systems will be $199.99.

New 3 DS Red

In addition there are two special editions coming to North America and Europe. The most eye-catching is for The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D, and the other for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate; both will have their respective games bundled and have a recommended price of $229.99 in the US.


The revision provides a notable upgrade on the original models, such as improved 3D viewing, a faster CPU, a C-Stick, additional shoulder buttons and NFC support. It's been well received already in Japan, particularly, and Nintendo will be hoping it makes a big impact in the West.

Are you planning to pre-order a New Nintendo 3DS for 13th February? Let us know in the comments below.