This firefight will be that much better with dual stick controls!

About a week ago we told you about an upcoming update for the 3DS version of Retro City Rampage, Vblank Entertainment's old-school take on GTA, which would add in support for the C-Stick on the New Nintendo 3DS. Today, studio head Brian Provinciano took to Miiverse to reveal more details about the update.

It's expected that the update will be coming early next month and will include a few more goodies than just the dual stick support. It will also be bringing a solid 60fps experience, erasing the minor hiccups that used to occur, as well as a Spanish translation and the ability to turn cop coins on or off. Users who own a New Nintendo 3DS can also look forward to a smoother turbo mode, smoother screen effects, and quicker fast forwarding thanks to the enhanced CPU. Provinciano also said that more details will be coming soon, suggesting that there could perhaps be more to this update that hasn't yet been revealed.

What did you think of Retro City Rampage DX? Will this update convince you to take the plunge if you don't already own it?

Thanks to Ryan Millar for the tip!

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