Streetpass can be such a wonderful little addition to the day; it's a treat to see that little green light and knowing that various goodies await. All one needs to do is walk by a fellow 3DS owner who has it activated, but here exists a problem with the concept of StreetPass: finding fellow users can be difficult, if not impossible, in some places. Nintendo has done what it could to assuage this problem through rolling out relay points at Nintendo Zones across the country, but this can only do so much. StreetPass enthusiasts in the North East of the US who suffer from such isolation can rejoice, however, as a golden opportunity has presented itself.

AVAdventure Entertainment, a Virginia based production company, aims to provide a place for American StreetPass enthusiasts to meet up via an upcoming bus tour. Titled “The Green Light Tour", it will take place on March 21st in Washington D.C., go all the way up to the fabled Nintendo World Store in New York and then return to D.C. again. Along the way the bus will make stops by Nintendo Zone locations and to meet up with other organized Streetpass groups.

Riders can look forward to a bus ride packed with multiplayer game tournaments, costume contests and snacks galore. In addition, a videography crew will be performing interviews and recording footage of the whole event for release in a documentary due later this summer. To promote the event T-shirts will be given to backers, both riders and non-riders.

Here's the full pitch:

The campaign is currently has raised around $215 of a $7,000 goal, but there are still thirty days left. Will you be buying a ticket for this road trip? Or for those of you who don't live on the US East coast, will you be buying one of the cool T-shirts?