Death lies around every corner!

As seasoned gaming fans we all wonder exactly why Capcom is ignoring its legendary Mega Man franchise, but the latest video in the React series points to a possible answer: the games are just too damn hard for modern players.

The video places a NES controller into the hands of a group of teens and points them in the direction of the first Mega Man outing, released on Nintendo's iconic 8-bit system in 1987 — many years before any of these players were even a glint in their parent's eyes.

Capcom's action platforming franchise is taxing even for fans, and predictably, these fresh-faced gamers struggled to make serious headway. One participant even commented that modern video game bosses aren't even as hard as first enemy he encountered in Mega Man — although by the time the dust had settled, the general feeling was that the game was "a classic" and "enjoyable".

It's an amusing — if somewhat depressing — reminder that 1987 was a long time ago.