Over recent days Nintendo Minute has been hosting some Game of the Year videos in which hosts Kit and Krysta have picked their favourites from the year, and also taken us through a number of knockout rounds in which viewers vote for their overall winner. A 'Bonus' video has now looked at alternative awards and also revealed the viewer's GotY finalists.

The alternative categories tackled by the hosts — first of all — are Best Soundtrack, Characters and Box Art; whether you agree with the choices or not, there are certainly plenty of competitors to consider for the year.

Then we have the semi-final results of the show's Super Sixteen Showdown, with the finalists being worthy and somewhat predictable, despite the efforts of the hosts right back at the start to randomise the whole process.

Check the video out below and wait to the end if you want to vote — through Twitter — in the viewer award. As for our awards here on Nintendo Life, voting closes very soon for the Reader awards, so be sure to vote if you haven't done so already.