After Renegade Kid’s mid-year announcement of Xeodrifter for the 3DS eShop — followed by the launch of the debut trailer — Jools Watsham and company have now revealed the game will be released in North America next week: on 11th December to be exact, for the price of $10.

As previously described; Xeodrifter is the indie-game equivalent of Metroid, with players taking on the role of an interstellar drifter travelling through the stars whilst on a mission of exploration.

Players will spend much of their time jetting from planet to planet, traversing the highs and lows of space stations, fending off dangerous intergalactic enemies and even jumping between the foreground and background of the game’s environments in a similar fashion to Mutant Mudds.

Release dates and pricing for other territories have not yet been announced.

Take a look at the trailer below if you haven’t already seen it, and if you live in North America, tell us in the comments if you’ll be picking Xeodrifter up on release.

Thanks to Benson for the tip!

[source m.au.ign.com]