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Nintendo's got its audience over a barrel with its range of amiibo toys, and it seems that their charms have taken over certain fans' hearts, however most people don't take this appreciation to the lengths that one fan has.

A Facebook page has recently appear that documents the adventures of Pikachu, Fox, and Mario in their amiibo forms as they travel from Penzance in sunny Cornwall to Nintendo's Tokyo headquarters in Japan. The 6,136 mile journey began on the 9th December and consisted of a train journey to London before taking a plane over many seas and countries to land in Japan on the 12th later that month.

"No barrel rolls please"

It's difficult to deny that the amiibo range has captured the imagination of the public, the recent supply shortages should be evidence enough to that effect, but this is the first endeavour we've seen of its kind to feature the toys. Charles Martinet has performed similar feats which he uploads to his Vine account, but we're assuming the fan responsible for the journey to Japan doesn't have the plumbers' iconic voices on tap.

You can check out the continuing adventures of Fox, Mario, and Pikachu by clicking here, and be sure to leave a comment below if you're planning any similarly obtuse excursions with your amiibo in the near future.

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