Smash Calculator

Gamers do the strangest things, yet the most bizarre projects can also be the most amazing. Some like to recreate their favourite games — improbably — on scientific calculators, for example, and now someone's gone and done it with Super Smash Bros.

It may be about to come out on Wii U having enjoyed success on Nintendo 3DS, but if you have a TI-83 or TI-84 calculator around — perhaps from those mathematical graphs in High School that you hardly used — then you can enjoy Smash Bros. Open, which programmer Hayleia describes as a clone project of Melee. If you hit up the first source link below, you can even download it right now.

At present you can only choose between Fox and Falco for some primitive brawling fun, but this is rather impressive — the action even zooms in and out, despite the primitive resources of the calculator it's running on.

It's crazy yet admirable, though we may still stick to the full fat Nintendo entries for our fighting fix. Bravo to the developers.

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